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Fettle has been established to be a leader in proactive healthcare and enable easier access to gold standard healthcare in New Zealand.


Dr Colin Hutchison (Founder and Managing Director)

Colin is a kidney specialist, who through his time in senior leadership roles in the public and private sector saw the need for change.

As the founder of Fettle, Colin saw the need to empower more New Zealanders, and increase access to gold standard healthcare, earlier in their health care journey.

As a kidney doctor, Colin has frequently seen individuals with severe kidney disease which could have been prevented if they had been informed of what “good” healthcare looked like.

Through senior leadership roles in the public sector Colin has seen many many people wait long times for the healthcare they require and in some cases never receive it.

Dr Hutchison says:

“Fettle has been born out of the fact that in New Zealand we are used to saving for our future with KiwiSaver. Just like planning for our retirement we should be planning for our future healthcare needs and Fettle is here to guide you on a journey of understanding what good healthcare looks like.” Colin


Georgia Palmer (Operations Manager)

Georgia Palmer has extensive experience in healthcare communications, management, and administration. Most recently, Georgia started and led AskDora.ai, AI for healthcare communication. While with AskDora, Georgia helped secure a partnership with Microsoft, who acknowledged the company as one of the top 30 start-ups in the world for societal impact and change; under the Project Amplify scheme. Georgia was one of eight female Microsoft tech founders globally, which formed a Women In Tech International Leadership group.

With her experience in the health tech and administration space, Georgia has seen the inequity born in the public health sector, and the inaccessibility of gold standard private health. Passionate about proactive healthcare, Georgia knows that Fettle is more than just an investment fund, it is a healthcare movement.

Lyle Chetty (Technology Lead)

Lyle has spent a number of years working in transformative change projects in public and private healthcare organisations through digital integrations. Most recently as Director of Digital Services at Kaweka Hospital, Lyle has helped launch New Zealand’s new Green Star, “Paper Light” healthcare facility.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to give every New Zealander the chance to experience the best healthcare available, for any health journey, any age, and any walk of life.

  • Our Values

    New Zealand’s first health savings investment fund, Fettle is an innovative way to approach your healthcare, and we are continuously looking for the best ways to inform, engage and interact with our members.

    We believe two of the most important aspects of health, is knowledge and empowerment. We aim to give our members up to date, accurate and timely information so decision making is based on knowledge.

    The Fettle team is a reliable, professional and compassionate team. We do what we say and ensure you are always at the centre of our approach to your healthcare.

    The Fettle team is a highly skilled, experienced team. We are all passionate about our work and want to turn that passion into better health outcomes for our members.

    To us, being inclusive means everyone is treated fairly, and everyone has the same opportunities to access the best healthcare.

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