How it Works

Your Health Pot is yours. You have the flexibility to choose the amount and frequency you want to contribute, and the strategy used to invest your money.

As your fund is invested through the years, it is yours to use for your health as you need, with no restrictions to withdrawing the funds you have available when you need them.

You can decide on the level of your contributions following a comprehensive review of your current health status and potential future health needs by our clinical team.

You’re free to increase, decrease or put your contributions on hold to suit your circumstances. Most importantly because your money is invested once you stop contributing your health fund has the potential to keep growing, until you need it, or may fluctuate down depending on the market.*

You can add family members to your membership at any time, giving them access to the fund for their healthcare.

Just for being a Fettle member, we negotiate the best prices for your healthcare with our Affiliated Providers.


“Take control of your health outcomes, access better healthcare at better prices, and invest in your family’s health future”

ACI Funds

Your fund is invested in ACI Funds. ACI Funds, is “as tax efficient as Kiwisaver – without the restrictions,” and professionally managed by experienced fund managers.

Fettle has partnered with Stewart Group Asset Management who are a family and independently owned, locally headquartered, Māori affiliated business. They are BCorp and CEFEX certified with a long industry tenure of 35 years. Stewart Group Asset Management use an evidence based investment approach and can provide access to sound financial advice.

Check out ACI Funds to learn more.

*ACI Funds is not a financial advisory service. We recommend investors contact a trusted financial advisor for guidance around whether ACI Funds is right for you, and which investment option may be suited to your needs. Go here, to talk to an advisor

Process Overview

It’s easy, sign up with Fettle in minutes with our online guided process.

Follow the steps below, and you’re on the way to investing in your health.

  • Step 1: Join Fettle

    Join online now with our guided registration process.

    Joining Fettle is quick and easy.

    Membership options start at $7.99/month. For membership and health analysis fees, see our pricing page.

    Get Started
  • Step 2: Contributions

    Choose the amount and frequency you wish to contribute and choose your investment fund strategy; conservative, balanced or growth (see ACI Funds for more detail).

    You can also make one-off contributions at any time.

  • Step 3: Investing for your Health

    As your contributions are invested, your fund has the potential to grow over time.*

    Investing is risk, and your fund has the potential to go up or down depending on market fluctuations.

    You can monitor the status of your Health Pot via your member dashboard, and help plan for any potential future health needs.

  • Step 4: Health Assessment

    Complete your health assessment from our specialised medical team. They will provide a comprehensive report and personalised healthcare map, with guidance on possible future health events to plan for, as well as any future tests or check-ups you may need.*

    *when you sign up to one of our eligible membership packages

  • Step 5: Medical Treatment

    You are able to use whatever money you have available in your Health Pot with any New Zealand health provider you like to help fund part or all of your healthcare.

    You can also use our Health Provider Network, to schedule your appointments with the relevant health provider as and when you need. We negotiate the best prices for your healthcare with our providers – just for being a Fettle member.

  • Step 6: Healthcare Journey

    With the benefit of our member interface, access relevant healthcare advice for your customised healthcare journey.

Our clients say

It’s just a far smarter way to understand my healthcare needs and fund the care when I need it.

Janine P.

They don’t just talk the talk, they really walk my healthcare journey with me.

Fiona M.

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*Fettle is not the issuer of the ACI Funds and does not provide financial advice. Fettle is a health membership service that connects its members with the relevant providers to create an opportunity for its members to invest their money for their future health needs. Your contributions are invested directly into your selected investment option of ACI Funds, which is a managed investment scheme issued by FundRock NZ Limited who has appointed Stewart Group Asset Management Limited as its investment manager. Fettle does not receive or hold any money on behalf of members – all contributions are made directly through ACI Funds. Further information on ACI Funds can be obtained through the ACI Funds website or on the Disclose Register (offer number 13507 and scheme number 13499). Investing money involves risk. It is not guaranteed that your investment will grow, it may decrease in value and you might lose some or all of the money you invested. See the ACI Funds website and the Product Disclosure Statement for further detail on the risks involved. You may need to supplement your fund to cover the costs of your healthcare should you not have enough available. Nothing on this website should be taken as a recommendation to invest in any financial product. Before making any investment decisions we recommend that you obtain financial advice from a licenced provider.