• Who can contribute to my Health Pot?

    You and your whānau, can all contribute to your Health Pot. Whānau can all contribute to the fund together. This helps accumulate a larger amount quickly to help you fund any of your healthcare needs.

  • How much should I contribute?

    By completing a health road map with our medical team, you will be able to have an idea of your anticipated health needs in the short and medium term. Because many health events can be planned and prepared for in advance, your personalised health map can help you plan for any future health requirements. For example, we would recommend all our members have the Gold Standard for bowel cancer screening, a colonoscopy at the age of 50, and investing now can potentially help with these costs in the future.

  • Who can access my Health Pot?

    There are several membership options available to cater to different lifestyles and circumstances. These cater for individuals, whānau groups or companies. Once established the named members of your fund can access the account. We recommend one or two people register as owners for any shared family funds to ensure ease of access. Companies should elect several owners to ensure ease of access across the organisation. It is important to understand that for individuals or whānau the fund is yours to use, you do not need to ask for any approval to access the money in the account.

  • What are the risks involved?

    Fettle is designed to help ensure you have the best opportunity to access “gold standard” healthcare. Of course, as with any investment there are risks involved. With investment funds, there is the risk of negative or lower than expected returns from your ACI Funds, which may impact the funds you have available to you when you require them. There is also the risk that you might lose money, including any contributions you have made over time. Please see the ACI Funds website and the product disclosure statement for a full description of risks associated with an investment into ACI Funds. We recommend that you obtain financial advice from a licenced provider.

    You may not have sufficient funds available from your investment in ACI Funds to pay for a required healthcare service at the time the need arises, and may need to supplement this.

    There is no guarantee about what medical treatments you may require in the future, or that an Affiliated Provider will be available to provide you with the service (and potential discount) that you require. Every provider of healthcare will also have their own policies and requirements that may be applicable to any services you require. Any cost estimates for future healthcare services are made at the time of relevant assessment, there is risk that such costs may go up over time and this may affect your availability to access the required healthcare service.

  • How does the preventative healthcare plan work?

    Preventative healthcare is about stopping major health events happening in the first place. The program is about ensuring you have access to the best technologies available for screening and early detection of health complaints. Our healthcare plan is always unique to you, based on who you are, where in your life journey you are, and what has happened to date. The program is designed to address both the common “silent killers” and help you understand what good cancer screening looks like.

    For example: − Heart disease (ischaemic and structural), Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancers, Sleep apnoea, Aneurysms.

    Our preventative healthcare plan is continually reviewed by our medical team.

  • Where can I spend my healthcare funds?

    The most important factor to remember is that the money you have available in your fund is your health pot to be spent when and how you want.

    You can withdraw all or part of the money you have available to help you fund your healthcare needs. You can also supplement your fund to cover your healthcare costs if you don’t have enough in your fund.

    On your behalf we negotiate the best deals from our Affiliated Healthcare Providers but if you need care from a healthcare provider who is not registered with us you can still receive your care with them (this is different from many of the main health insurance companies). If you have a preferred provider not in our network, let us know and we will get in touch with them!

  • How can I see how much I have money I have available?

    You are able to see the money you have available in your fund and track your investment in our online portal. You will also be able to track your progress against any healthcare goals you may have (i.e. hip replacement or dental surgery). You can amend your contributions, suspend payments, or stop payments if you need to at any time.

  • What if I want to change how much I'm contributing?

    You can change your contributions, suspend payments, or stop payments if you need to, at any time.

    We understand that circumstances change, at that’s why we ensure you have the flexibility to vary your level of contributions as you need to. Contributions are set to a minimum of $50 per contribution, but otherwise it’s up to you to decide how much and the frequency of your contributions.

  • How do I withdraw money from my fund?

    You can withdraw all or part of the money available in your fund at any time, no questions asked! There are no penalties or fees for withdrawing, and it is as easy as clicking a button on your portal.

    There are no restrictions or criteria to withdrawing the funds you have available, and no application process for using your funds.

    You can use your fund to help pay for your healthcare with any provider, even those not listed in our network. You may need to supplement this, depending on the amount you have available in your fund.

    You don’t need to use your fund to access the discounted Affiliated Provider rates, just being a member is enough.

  • What happens when I die?

    Many members will link whānau members to their plan so that their whānau can benefit from the invesments as well; or you could provide for your investment assets to be dispersed to your estate. We recommend that you take your own legal advice on how to deal with this for your own circumstances.

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*Fettle is not the issuer of the ACI Funds and does not provide financial advice. Fettle is a health membership service that connects its members with the relevant providers to create an opportunity for its members to invest their money for their future health needs. Your contributions are invested directly into your selected investment option of ACI Funds, which is a managed investment scheme issued by FundRock NZ Limited who has appointed Stewart Group Asset Management Limited as its investment manager. Fettle does not receive or hold any money on behalf of members – all contributions are made directly through ACI Funds. Further information on ACI Funds can be obtained through the ACI Funds website or on the Disclose Register (offer number 13507 and scheme number 13499). Investing money involves risk. It is not guaranteed that your investment will grow, it may decrease in value and you might lose some or all of the money you invested. See the ACI Funds website and the Product Disclosure Statement for further detail on the risks involved. You may need to supplement your fund to cover the costs of your healthcare should you not have enough available. Nothing on this website should be taken as a recommendation to invest in any financial product. Before making any investment decisions we recommend that you obtain financial advice from a licenced provider.